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Walls - Sunporch

European duo Walls have released the first single from their upcoming second album, Coracle, which is due out late September.  "Sunporch," was released today via Kompakt and boasts similar euphoric patterns of psychedelic sounds as what be heard on their debut self-titled LP.

"Sunporch" is admittedly quite a bit more dance-floor friendly when compared with pieces from their first album; Kompakt has announced that Walls will be touring with Battles and that fans can expect a much more "dancefloor-oriented set" for those who make out to see them live.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/18631592"]
"Sunporch" is a work engulfed by guitars and percussion, which carry over a heavier synthesized bass pattern and effectively evoke the Walls-style emotion that they have become so well known for.  The 12" is accompanied by a reprise version of the single as well as a B-side called "Tight Spots;" a more experimental, atonal work that provides sharp contrast to the mood of "Sunporch."

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