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Non-Fat Urban Soundtrack [Episode 9]

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Time for another episode of the Non-Fat Urban Soundtrack serieswhich is mixed and hosted by DJ Steve Martin. He is currently in LA, where he already brings a weekly mix to the ears of all the LA listeners through his radio show. The radio show is called "My Side of the City" which you can hear Saturdays on KPFK from Midnight til 2 AM in LA or you can check out the mix online.

Thug life just isn't what it used to be, and believe me, that's not a bad thing. This mix starts with Tupac musing on the aforementioned thug life over an Igloo track, which pretty much sums up what this mix is about. DJ Steve Martin's Non-Fat Urban Soundtrack will put a spring in your step, but it won't make you want to choke a bitch (unless she likes that). You'll feel like a true urbanite, the kind that can keep your cool in any situation. You're smart and sleek, and you get shit done. It's always nice to feel cool when you're going through your daily urban routine. I mean, sometimes, I'll sit on the subway with Madonna or Justin Timberlake on repeat (what can I say, I'm a cultural omnivore), but I definitely don't feel cool doing so.

When you've got this mix feeding into your brain via aural IV, I can guarantee you'll feel like the hippest cat on the sidewalk. As with past Non-Fat Urban Soundtracks, there's a wide range of music here, but it's a massively polyamorous set of matches made in heaven. From old favorites like Flying Lotus and A Tribe Called Quest to new favorites like Com Truise, Non-Fat Urban Soundtrack has you covered.


Igloo - Ships That Pass
Tupac Interview, parts 1-3 
Salvador Santana - Keyboard City (dan deacon rmx f/gza) 
TTC - Batards Sensible
Com Truise - Sundriped
The X- Ecutioners - Poetry In Motion
The Pharcyde - Splattitorium
DJ Muggs Vs. Gza - Queens Gambit
Eazy -E - Gangsta Beat 4 The Street
Prefuse 73 - Cliche Intro
QPE - Devil May Care
Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers
Uffie - Ricky - Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans
Bogdan Raczynski - Aho Jikos
A Tribe Called Quest - Sucka Nigga



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