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LUM: "I Am Alone" [Music Video]

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A couple of weeks ago on week 11 of The Indie Sabbath, I featured a couple songs from Liam Sanagan, the Toronto-based solo musician who goes by the stage name LUM

Both "00 After 20" and "Timbaland" came from LUM's recent release, EP 1 (also known as The Fruit EP). The four-track EP is currently free-to-download over at JUICEBOXdotcom.

Recently, Sanagan put out a music video for his newest track, "I Am Alone". The two-and-a-half minute video opens with a fast-paced digital synth followed by a heavy hitting bass with Sanagan's face appearing under a spotlight of blue. The video continues with clips of  underwater  singing as well as other clips of various smokescreens and sparks all under the blue-light theme.

EP 1 had LUM creating songs with poppy instrumentals followed by playful lyrics. "I Am Alone", on the other hand, slows things down with a heavier sound and much more serious lyrics showing the very impressive versatility of LUM's musical ability.

Check out the video for LUM's "I Am Alone" below.

Download: Boys Choir - I Am Alone

Download: Boys Choir - Stoned, Not Working

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