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Scroobius Pip - Introdiction [VIDEO]

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Really pleased to see some new material on the way from Scroobius Pip. Easily one of the most lyrically profound and intelligent guys on the UK scene, or realistically, the world scene at the minute. It's not exactly easy listening "hooked out" hip hop that is going to have stadiums singing along.

It is, however, really bloody clever. The way he laces stories together and relays his message is pretty jaw dropping. Just make sure you give it a good listen! 

This track was produced by Danny Lohner (yes, Danny Lohner, a.k.a. Renholder of A Perfect Circle and Tool. I know, sick indeed!) and has drums courtesy of Travis Barker. New album on the way September 19, entitled Distraction Pieces.

The video was reportedly made for a measly 100quid. Check it below. 

Scroobius Pip - Introdiction



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