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Intimate Confessions about Phonat

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"Phonat is EASILY the most underrated producer out there now. Fuck, he's amazing. I do not know why he isn't the biggest thing out there."

So says Skrillex of this Italian wonder DJ named Phonat. My thoughts exactly. When I first heard one of Phonat's singles, "Intimate Confessions", I literally gasped. Whatever I had just stumbled upon was incredibly good.

Granted, I'm about two years late. Phonat's self-titled album was released back in 2009 but whatever, this gospel needs to be spread. Call his music electro-down-tempo-funk or synth-pop-dubstep-dance, this the kind of bar-raising music that makes a person memorable. Iconic. Legendary. There is nothing, it seems, that Phonat is afraid to use in his music. If you like Star Slinger, you will like his colorful use of vocal hooks. If you miss the days of classic Daft Punk, you will appreciate the acid house and rock influences. And if you carry Skrillex in your music collection, well, then you should already know about Phonat.

Summer Disco Mix 2011

Phonat - Summer Disco Mix 2011 (1 hour) by MofoHifi Records

I personally do not know a whole lot about electronic music but I can recognize a good dance beat when I hear one. In regards to his album, the only part I'm disappointed about is how late in the game I found out about him. It's almost hard to believe this guy actually exists -- I thought only robots could make music this good.

Phonat - Ghetto Burnin (Arveene & MiSK Remix) by MofoHifi Records

Polymath - Give me more by MofoHifi Records

Phonat - Love Hits The Fan (Dcup Mix) by MofoHifi Records

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  • Phonat is an amazing producer. Caught his stuff when electro was making some big waves in 2008; "Set Me Free" was amazing. Glad he's still at it.

    Avatar Sniquepeek August 23, 2011 1:44 PM Reply
  • Set Me Free was, is, and always will be my ultimate summer jam.

    Avatar Scho August 24, 2011 1:07 PM Reply

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