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The Indie Sabbath - Week 12

Being an indie fan means enjoying music that has not yet hit the mainstream. Being an indie fan means name-dropping musicians in conversations and being met with the dreaded awkward stare. Being an indie fan means exposing yourself to the melting pot of up-and coming artists just waiting to be discovered.

I, Chris, the new Indie Sabbath, pledge to provide all of you indie fans with fresh, milky, brand spanking new indie music every week. I will be scouring the deepest corners of the Interwebs to bring you a weekly dose of music that, I truly hope, will be a new addition to your vast iTunes/Spotify collection. Like all of you, I have a deep passion for indie music and nothing brings me more joy than to have the ability to share with you all my findings of the week.

If you're just scrolling through the internet; waiting for your friends to pick you up for that huge party; or just setting the mood for some alone time with that significant other, let this list be your soundtrack to a much needed Saturday. Enjoy.

      07 Heavy Metal Drummer
Download: Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer

Download: Luke Temple - Ophelia

Download: Fair Ohs - Baldessari

Download: The Shivers - Used To Be

      Trans Am - Futureworld
Download: Trans Am - Futureworld

      The Luyas - Too Beautiful to Work
Download: The Luyas - Too Beautiful To Work

Download: The Always Unprofessional - Starlet

Download: SAFE - Carolina

      Rolling Stone (Grandtheft Extended Dub)
Download: The Weeknd - Rolling Stone (Grandtheft Extended Dub)

      Real Estate_Real Estate_01_Beach Comber
Download: Real Estate - Beach Comber 

Download: Motorama - Ghost

Download: Balam Acab - Motion

Download: Deer Tick - Miss K.

      I Break Horses - Hearts
Download: I Break Horses - Hearts

      Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane
Download: Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane

      03 Dies In 55
Download: Trailer Trash Tracys - Dies In 55

      02 Shadow People
Download: Dr. Dog - Shadow People

Electro Pop · Electronic · Folk Rock · Indie · Rock · Synth


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9 years ago

Real Estate – Beach Comber doesn't work. Looked it up on YouTube and it's a fantastic dong, cheers. Might wanna fix that link though.

9 years ago

indie's more than knowing 'non mainstream' bands bro... props on Dr Dog though, LOVE THAT. anyone wanna read my blog? click the name x

9 years ago

Loving these tracks!! Major props. Thanks!

9 years ago

Do the astral plane is dope... but I don't think a song from a relatively popular producer that came out in April 2010 could be classified as "brand spanking new indie music."

9 years ago
Reply to  Bronto

lol, There's a few tracks like that. I think Beach Combers by Real Estate takes the cake though- shit came out in 2009.

9 years ago

Also, what happened to Week 11?

9 years ago
Reply to  CA

Thanks man!

9 years ago

what happened to the player option for entire pages of music?