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Double Dip - 47 - CANT

Grizzly Bears multifaceted music guru Chris Taylor has a brand spanking new solo project CANT and he's set to release their debut album "Dreams Come True" in North America Septermber 13th. The album will be put out on Chris' own label: Terrible Records.

And with the much anticipated record comes a wee little surprise for all you GB fans out there a sneak peek at what's to come entitled "Believe" the song creeps on with a wave of swaying synths followed by a really funky bass rift that really puts the cherry ontop for me. Oh and who could forget that voice, really something to listen to and keep an eye on.. album of the year?

See for yourself below: 

  CANT - Believe by Warp Records

Stalk me @mkniazeff and find track listings plus downloadables below: 



      Answer 1
Download: CANT - Answer

Download: CANT - The Edge

01 Too Late, Too Far 
02 Believe 
03 The Edge 
04 BANG 
05 (brokencollar) 
06 She's Found a Way Out 
07 Answer 
08 Dreams Come True 
09 Rises Silent 
10 Bericht


Experimental · Indie · Synth Pop


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