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Squeaky Lobster - Will-O'-the-Wisp EP

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Label-turned-distributor Kompakt recently unveiled the Will-O'-the-Wisp EP via Vlek Records by mysterious Belgian analog synthesizer lovers, Squeaky Lobster. There has been quite a bit of anticipation for this EP since April's Turkish Delight 7" debut, and Will-O'-the-Wisp definitely delivers.  A unique approach to the EP format, Squeaky Lobster includes only two discernible tracks on the release, but each track has been seamed into halves by interludes, thus making four tracks on the release in total (hence the song titles). 

Sounding like a cross between the frantic beats of Flying Lotus and sampling/cutting style of Wagon Christ, Squeaky Lobster makes a big first impression.  The quick, Eastern sampling of "Flying Rupees" combined with the in-your-face fatness of their analog sound immediately sets the bar high for this EP.  With high levels of progressive musical philosophy operating here, it would be easy to misinterpret the first cut as only one track.  The more noticeable change in sound, via the "Magic Carpet Interlude," gives way to "Saint Seya," which retains the original grit of the preceding work but sounds a bit more like Squeaky Lobster working their take on a James Bond film score.

Stream: Squeaky Lobster - Flying Rupees / Magic Carpet Interlude / Saint Seya

The second track(s) take more of a techno-related route to the pleasure centres of the ears.  Analog distortions a-plenty, "Aarnivalkea/Runnin' Amok" sends frequencies straight to the temporal lobes that will be sure to shake any neural foundations they come across.  

Stream: Squeaky Lobster - Aarnivalkea / Runnin Amok


You can buy the Will-O'-the-Wisp EP by Squeaky Lobster at the following online retailers:


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