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Brooklyn's Milagres

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Wednesday night, Milagres performed at Williamsburg's McCarren Park right before a free movie showing. This Brooklyn band has had many local shows and after all the twitter stalking, I finally got to see them live. With the steady drums, bullish keyboards, and perfect falsetto, this five piece band created a nonexistent breeze in the middle of a cemented parking lot. Yes, their nostalgic tunes are just that powerful.

Milagres went through several transformations in the past years but its safe to say, their official first album will be out towards the end of this month. Until then, enjoy a couple of atmospheric experiences below. Hopefully, they are actually Here To Stay.

      01 Glowing Mouth
Download: Milagres - Glowing Mouth

      01 Here To Stay
Download: Milagres - Here To Stay

This live music video is also rad.

See Milagres next at the Brooklyn's Out In The Streets Festival!


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