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Top 10 Famous Faces of 2012 [Hip-Hop][#10]

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#10 Childish Gambino

Alright, Gambino is a mastermind. When we initially posted our introduction to Famous Faces we had a small list in our minds of who we figured would be a shoo-in and who would be in the lower rungs but maybe once, did our minds circulate upon Childish Gambino. The young renaissance man has so many projects on his plate he flies under my radar. So when a good portion of our initial comments said "Childish Gambino HAS to be on this list!" It caught me off guard, but also made me realize how incredibly dope he is. I went back and listened to his latest project EP. Then I listened to his older mixtape Cul de Sac, and even down his discography to his self-bastardized raw tape entitled The Younger I Get.

I honestly was digging his jams so hard I listened for hours. His earnest story telling is something I love, the fact that he's so raw with his emotions, he's frustrated with people telling him he "doesn't act black, whatever that means," and I thought he deserved higher on the list, and as much as I dug I unfortunately could only find very very small hints of his next project (supposedly entitled Camp. So I have absolutely no doubt he's a face to watch in 2012, especially with his Adidas ad placement, but he needed to leave me with more than small rumblings of an album to be considered a higher spot. Don't get me wrong though, "Freaks and Geeks" put him on a more up and coming/mainstream level and I think that, the release of EP, and the release of the single "Break (All of the Lights Remix)" gave people a taste of Gambino's matured sound and new found drive for his music career. Not too many notable names here as far as collabs and production, he does a great job picking though. Of course, stay on your toes for more tours including his already successful IAMDONALD tour.

Below is the infamous "Freaks and Geeks" visual coupled with tracks from EP, Cul de Sac and even younger projects; hopefully this gives those of you not familiar to the young prodigy of show business, a quick introduction to how his music has matured and will continue to surprise everyone in 2012. Now where's the debate going to start?! Somebody tell me I'm wrong for this.

Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks



      Fuck It All
Download: Childish Gambino - Fuck It All

      Be Alone
Download: Childish Gambino - Be Alone

      Break (All of the Lights)
Download: Childish Gambino - Break (All of the Lights)

So, who should be on the rest of the list? Leave comments.

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