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Max Cooper - Metaphysical EP

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The recently released Metaphysical EP marks U.K. producer Max Cooper's sixth major work for Germany's Traum Schallplatten.  The young university student, who is yet to release a full-length record, seems to work exclusively in the extended-player or single format.  Since 2009's Harmonisch Serie Cooper has been thrust into the limelight among some of Europe's finest producers, his sound being described as mix of fellow U.K. producer James Holden and Brazilian melody-master Gui BorattoCooper, a PhD student majoring in genetics, describes the philosophical aspects of his musical creations as having direct correlations to his work in the sciences.  Through his releases for Traum, these influences can be heard in the development of his sound over time.

 "Heresy" is the focal point of the Metaphysical EP; working itself through the percussive  clicks and pops Cooper seems to be so fond of, which find themselves snapping their way through an uplifting melodic journey--a tonal contrast to his often darker tunes.  Complete with trademark Cooper pitch bends, "Heresy" stands out among the other three tracks. 

Stream: Max Cooper - Heresy

"Gravity's Rainbow" opens the EP as a minimally-driven club sound sparkles into the moodier sounds of "Solace," which reminisces of an older Cooper track called "I," released back in 2009 on Harmonisch.  Dosem's remix of "Heresy" reworks the track into a still atmospheric, but clubbier sound, more suited to being labeled as house music and sounding much less obviously 'Cooper.' 

Stream: Max Cooper - Gravity's Rainbow

Stream: Max Cooper - Heresy (Dosem Remix)

Max Cooper continues to evolve with each release, always going new directions with his unique sound.  One can only hope he makes time in his busy schedule as Musician/Geneticist to tackle a full-length album sometime in the near future. 

You can buy the Metaphysical EP at the following online retailers:



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Luke Raith
Luke Raith
10 years ago

yes! melodic IDM comes to earmilk, real music!

Jeff Lourenço
10 years ago
Reply to  Luke Raith