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Artist Introduction - Zammuto

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Almost a year ago, American-duo The Books released their fourth album, The Way Out, their newest LP since 2005's Lost and Safe. Nick Zammuto, current guitarist and one half of The Books, recently started a new side project, simply titled Zammuto. Thus far, Zammuto has produced and released several experimental singles that are said to be leading up to the compilation of his first album. "Yay" and "Idiom Wind", both differing in sounds, offer a sneak preview into what Zammuto will be bringing to the table in the near future.

"Yay," one of Zammuto's notable singles, is a mysterious and glitchy introduction to first-time Zammuto listeners. Although there are no lyrics, the music speaks for itself with heavy hitting drums and constant synthesized, chopped up vocals.

"Idiom Wind," however, has Zammuto taking another approach. Instead of heavy emphasis on distorted vocals and booming drums, Zammuto focuses more on his lyrical experimentation as well as throwing in his guitar, bass and even string lines to create a much slower, ambient track.

So far, Zammuto is a one-man show. According to his blog, Zammuto writes, "It will be a three or four piece band, hopefully playing shows by the end of the year." For now, Zammuto will continue to share new singles as they are completed which, in turn, will lead to the release his album.

Check out the songs below:

      Zammuto - Idiom Wind
Download: Zammuto - Idiom Wind

      Zammuto - Yay
Download: Zammuto - YAY

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