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H-H-Headless Horseman

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Haunting yet tranquilizing were my first adjectives for Headless Horseman. I wasn't sure what to make of these fellow New Yorkers, Fareed and Conner. Although after a couple listens, my mind was blown. They played with Sun Airway as part of the Brooklyn Northside Festival, and that is how my discovery was made. Headless Horseman creates a genre of its own because I can guarantee that you've never heard anything like this before. Perhaps a chilled out, eerie mixture of Broken Social Scene and Javelin. "SH8KR" and "Jailbait" are my favorites. Most of their tracks are under 3 minutes but you will subconsciously have them on repeat and listen longer. Yes, please see if I'm right.

      82 SH8KR
Download: Headless Horseman - SH8KR

      07 Wavlngth
Download: Headless Horseman - Wavlngth

Download: Headless Horseman - 1CHRD

      52 Jailbait
Download: Headless Horseman - Jailbait



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