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Proximal Records - Beat Stew Vol. 3 [Album Review]

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If you've been seeing the likes of Brainfeeder's Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, and TOKiMONSTA, you'll definitely be tempted to cheat when you check out Proximal Records' latest compilation, Beat Stew Vol. 3, out August 1. This mixtape features tracks from the label's current roster, BearClaw, BenedekLawrence Grey, and Wake, as well as one of its creators, Carl Madison Burgin (a.k.a. Sahy Uhns), in addition to other artists of a similar grain, like MATTHEWDAVID and Devonwho. I personally think it's really neat that this isn't just a compilation of artists on the label, but also artists who are doing something similar, to create the most enjoyable tracklist possible. It's a spirit of collaboration I'd like to see more often, especially from labels who might not be as focused on popularity and the bottom line as they are in supporting artists who are just plain cool and interesting.

Counter / Part - Who Needs a Synth

The tracks here range from the more minimal and experimental (Wake's "G3t th4t M0n3y") to the more danceable and accessible (Say Uhns & Benedek's "Yung Debutons KluB", Day After Discovery's "Thames", Counter / Part's "Who Needs a Synth"). As is generally the nature of a compilation, it doesn't just cover one thing, though the artists all share a certain space-age funky feel. Like a good playlist should, it brings the listener up and down, luring you into unassuming calm, tempting you to tap your feet, and bringing you back down again. You'll never be completely sure whether you're in a space cantina or the jungle or the club, but you won't mind because it all works fantastically together.

Lawrence Grey - Seduce Me, Cosmic She-Hound

Panther God - Fall Funk

It's always a good sign when I'm tempted to attach five or six tracks to a post when I should only be including one or two. In this case, I'd go as far as to urge you to skip listening to this piecemeal altogether and go straight to Bandcamp to download the whole thing. If you're a fan of the Los Angeles glitch hop niche, you won't be sorry. If you're not, well, you should get on that.

Download: Proximal Records - Beat Stew Vol. 3

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