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Phil Adé - A Different World [ALBUM]

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Yet another artist from the DMV has risen to high recognition; Phil Adé. Over the past few weeks he has released a few tracks and finally released his newest mixtape, A Different World. Phil has some notable features appearing on this tape with Mac Miller, Killa Kyleon, and another known DMV up-and-comer Black Cobain. With tracks engineered by DC, Maryland, and Virginia producers; including Mark Henry and Sunny Norway; this tape has the DMV feel and uniqueness that this area is known for and also showed by a lot of Wale's early work before he corrupted his style, as some might argue, when he signed with MMG. This is definitely a mixtape worth checking out because the kid is for real. He has been gaining a lot of fans and support recently and this production really put his name out there. Already an incredibly notable name in the DMV, I could easily see Phil rising to become a notable name nationally.

"Scoreboard" Feat. Black Cobain prod. by Bink! rocks and Black Cobain is a very nice feature to it as he is from the DC area; they go well together. With a beat that rides and a chorus unlike the ridiculous hooks we hear a lot now-a-days.

      08. Scoreboard Ft. Black Cobain (Prod By Bink)
Download: Phil Ade - Scoreboard ft. Black Cobain (Prod by Bink!)

"Incense" ft Mac Miller prod. by Sunny Norway

      14. Incense Ft. Mac Miller (Prod By Sunny Norway)
Download: Phil Ade - Incense ft. Mac Miller (Prod by Sunny Norway)

"Second Chance" prod. by Mark Henry, this beat has been chewed up and spit out by many rappers lately but this track shows how raw Phil Adé's flow can be.

      12. Second Chance (Prod By Mark Henry)
Download: Phil Ade - Second Chance (Prod by Mark Henry)


Download: Phil Adé - A Different World

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