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The Indie Sabbath - Week 10

I whip my hair back and forth. Not because I am a teenage girl (although I sometimes act like one) but because there is a party. No, it's not in my pants. This party is in my ears, and soon it will be in yours as well. I am pleased to present to you The Indie Sabbath - more refreshing than an ice-cold soda in the middle of the desert. For me, music is the purest form of communication this world has to offer. I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music.

Raise your right hand in the air, put your left hand over your heart and repeat after me: "I love Indie Rock." If Indie Rock (particularly new Indie Rock) is something that truly tickles your pickle, then your boy Ronnie has a present for you that will stimulate your senses in a new and tantalizing way every week. Every Saturday I am going to come forth with a mix of deliciously stimulating songs from the Indie Music gift basket that are sure to leave you peachier than the state of Georgia. Slow Club just dropped a new single this week, and it's typical of the type of music that makes my hair stand on end. Meaning it's excellent. Engulf yourself in "Two Cousins" while reading.

STREAM: Slow Club - Two Cousins

Sometimes we need a break from the everyday grind- the worship of a job you hate, your school which you despise and all those other systematic functions our society has been dragged in to. Let this be that break. The Indie Sabbath is two hours worth of new and authentic Indie music, a gift from the friendly milk men here at the Earmilk factory that can help us get away from the repetitive cycle our lives have become. Now lets satisfy that fat little A.S.S. of yours (Audio Sensory System) with some earcandy that is so hot it'll melt your popsicle faster than those California Girls with the whip cream and undeniable charm.

I've spent the past week out in the pastures of the music industry, milking the cows they call their own. Things got messy, but I was able to jerk and tug my way to some deliciously satisfying results. This week I was able to come away with 20 jugs of that silky elixir, guaranteed to fill you up and leave you with a sensational feeling from ear to ear - just be sure to wipe off that milk mustache when you're done (don't wanna let anyone get the wrong impression). So without further ado, grab that cow by the utter, hold on tight and let's start sippin' on that milky goodness. Here's 19 jugs of it - white like Aladdin's Hammer Pants and fresher than a batch of cookies (Unless those cookies happen to be dipped in this creamy white elixir). That being said, let us dive headfirst into The Indie Sabbath and soak it up for all that it's worth.



So much good music was released this week that I almost lost my mind. If you're just looking for a little taste, be sure to check out these tracks right 'hurr: Little Dragon came out with their new album "Ritual Union" recently, and it's one of the better albums I've heard in a while. Check out "Precious," "Seconds" and "Shuffle A Dream" for a taste of the true nitty gritty. Also, straight outta' London comes the Fair Ohs, and they're something else. There's a couple snippets from their new album in there too. There's too much good music this week, so be a man and listen to it all. You won't regret it.

      07 Precious
Download: Little Dragon - Precious

      Holy Grail
Download: Tidelands - Holy Grail

      11 Seconds
Download: Little Dragon - Seconds

      01 Come Rain Come Sunshine
Download:Pallers - Come Rain, Come Sunshine

      04 Shuffle A Dream
Download: Little Dragon - Shuffle A Dream

      Separator (Four Tet RMX)
Download:Radiohead - Separator (Four Tet RMX)

      01 Baldessari
Download: Fair Ohs - Baldessari

      06 Alcohol
Download: Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5 - Alcohol

      02 Eden Rock
Download: Fair Ohs - Eden Rock

      04 Think In Stereo
Download: Boy + Kite - Think In Stereo

      10 Summer Lake
Download: Fair Ohs - Summer Lake

      01 Content
Download: The Features - Content



When milk is close to expiring but not quite there yet, you can usually find it in one of two places: In the back of your fridge or in the front of the shelf in the dairy section. Now you can find it in a third place: here, on The Indie Sabbath. This milk is still good to suck on, but on the verge of being too old and fed to the chickens. In this case that means out of my smart playlist and into my iTunes library to be lost among the masses. Luckily for you, I've taken the time to share a few cups from the latest gallon before it becomes disposed of. So take a sip, and enjoy some lactose from the back of the fridge that's only gotten better with time. If you're lactose intolerant suck it up - literally (it's not really milk anyway). Be sure to lap it up with "You Are The Blood" by Sufjan Stevens, which is one of the best tracks made in the past year. "White Doves" by Young Empire is also something great, and it's exceptionally nice to listen to. If you're in a rush to bust, those are two tracks that are sure to have you feeling yourself up (in an attempt to reassure yourself that this all isn't a dream, because these songs are that good - get your mind out of the gutter) in no time.

      1-15 You Are The Blood (New Song)
Download: Sufjan Stevens - You Are The Blood (New Song)

      Tremel (Jamie XX Remix)
Download: Glasser- Tremel (Jamie XX Remix)

      White Doves (Demo)
Download: Young Empires - White Doves (Demo)

      10 This Moment
Download: French Horn Rebellion - This Moment

      04 If You Want It
Download: TV Girl - If You Want It

      08 Kind
Download: Eisley - Kind

      06 After the Moment
Download: Craft Spells - After the Moment


Lets get real. Any farmer will tell you that some cows make better milk than others. It's science - some chickens make better eggs, some people make better babies - some cows make better milk. Why waste time sorting through the different manatees of the land when you could have someone else do that for you?


You're welcome. Here's a list of the cattle that proved to be concoct-ors of the finest Milk Drank these past two weeks, starting with:


Little Dragon - Ritual Union

Little Dragon's Ritual Union has been building in the back of the good music furnace like a fiery monster over the past few months. It finally emerged from the embers, and it's pretty damn good. It's your typical Little Dragon - snazzy beats, fat bass lines and sweet, sweet vocals. It's one of the better albums I've heard in a while, and I fucking love it.


Release the Sunbird - Come Back To Us


Machinedrum - Room(S)


Crystal Antlers - Two-Way Mirror


Haley Bonar - Golder


Sven van Hees - Heatwave


Upon this day, I declare that Indie music is leaps and bounds more pure than anything else, and the term "Indie" means not that a band isn't mainstream, but that a band has been able to hold on to its roots, even through fame and fortune. While the wonderful thumps and womps of electronic music get me grooving, it will always be the Alternative Indie Rock that guides me to the homeland. And for that, I both thank it and applaud it,  for it has brought me great pleasure in the past and will so in the future.


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