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Filthy Friday

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Filthy Friday exists to pump up the volume of everything bass. If it sounds like chainsaws are raining down upon you, accompanied by a sonic boom - then you're probably experiencing the heavy, heart attack inducing sounds of new dubstep. Filthy Friday is for 70/140BPM bass music meant to melt your brain into a puddle while you throw your hands in the air and dance the night away. The sounds here embrace intense frequency modulation, high and low alternating spreads, stiff glide parameters and bass low enough to crack the foundations of most suburban homes. Come back every Friday for your fix of musical filth, with Filthy Friday - and stay tuned to Earmilk for the smoother side of dubstep on Wednesday with Wobble Wednesday.

Download: Stinkahbell - CCTV

      03 Ganas De Molestar (Original Mix)
Download: Dubsidia - Ganas De Molestar (Original Mix)

      02 Dont Tell It (Original Mix)
Download: Dubsidia - Don't Tell It (Original Mix)

      Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Creeptown Remix)
Download: Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Creeptown Remix)

Download: Terravita - Lockdown - Original Mix

      You Will Not Stop Us (Original Mix)
Download: DSKOTEK - You Will Not Stop Us (Original Mix)

      Mechano (Culprate rmx)
Download: Datsik - Mechano (Culprate remix)

      Super Mega Death Ray (Drumstep Mix)
Download: Figure - Super Mega Death Ray (Drumstep Mix)


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