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Audible Mainframe - Ready To Fly

      Audible Mainframe - Ready To Fly
Download: Audible Mainframe - Ready To Fly

The Boston transplants to Long Beach, Cali are back with a brand spanking new single for your sound holes. 'Ready To Fly' is the first drop of a set of singles that Audible Mainframe is planning to release and maybe eventually package into an EP. AMF frontman Expo spreads his positive insights over this smooth track and even borrowers a classic quote from The Shawshank Redemption - "...get busy livin' or get busy dyin". I'm not too sure if that's where his inspiration came from, but just to satisfy my affinity for Mr. Clark A.K.A. Morgan Freeman, I'd like to think that it was. And the hook to this joint is definitely singing-in-the-car-while-sitting-in-Summer-traffic worthy.

They'll be shooting the video for 'Ready To Fly' in early/mid August in Los Angeles and will be inviting AMF fans to be a part of the madness. The video details will be announced on their social networks so be sure to follow them on Twitter @amfmusic and on their Facebook page.

The Mainframe boys are constantly gigging in and out of state so please set some time aside from stalking your ex-girlfriend to check them out in the flesh. I've personally seen them live a handful of times and from my experience their stage presence alone is well worth skipping whatever you had planned for the evening. Their next gig is a FREE, ALL AGES event this Friday, July 29th at 8pm @ Universal City Walk for 98.7FM's "Close To Home" showcase series. They were handpicked by the radio station to play on Universal City Walk's new buttery ass tower stage. If you can't make that show you can catch them again on August 26th at The Viper Room in L.A.

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