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Oh My! - Kicking and Screaming (Torque + Twist Remix)

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Okay sooo, I'll be honest I really didn't intend on posting anything about this duo, Oh My!. That was until I got taken to one of their gigs the other night and, despite my hardest not to, I actually really enjoyed it.

Their first single didn't really do anything for me and I was happy to let it fly by without so much as a wave. Their next single is "Kicking and Screaming" which is hella catchy but still certainly in the realms of pop and so didn't really compel me to blog it, (despite maayyybbbee wondering around humming and singing it under my breath). Then I got sent the remixes of the single and Oh My Days!! They are grandey.

The first is a bit of a 90's garage anthem, which just about gets away without being cheesy, the second is a bloody STINKER, and does such filthy things to these young ladies music I'm not sure they should be allowed to hear it.

Anyway I'll let everyone else make their own minds up. Plus free downloads....

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