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Global Dance Festival Recap

Standing in the Press Area I found myself in no man's land, inserted in between two overwhelmingly powerful forces. One was of the performer, sent there to take the recipients on a journey and to make the ground tremble beneath their feet- and the other was of a massive crowd of humanity, waiting to get their fix. Combined they were a melting pot of human beings from every walk of life but with one common goal: To have their bodies rocked by

filthy, concussive, thunderous [email protected]#&%ing BASS.

When I put my hand on my chest I felt my body humming with a vibration similar to that of terrain being shelled in a war zone. Thunderous bass accomplished, goal achieved. Global Dance Festival 2011 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre rattled my bones with overwhelming performances by artists not just of the Electronic clan, but of Hip Hop and Indie Rock. It ended up being a three day cocktail of pure enjoyment, and standing directly in front of the stage - fans behind me and performers in front - was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

Global Dance in conjunction with the media company Vista TV has been working around the clock to get up the recap trailers for the festival, having put together one for each individual day already. The full recap of the entire show should be up in the next couple of days, and when it is we're going to have it on here promptly. Until then, here's the recap video from the 2010 festival.

2010 Festival Recap


Like any Electronic Music Festival, Global Dance Festival 2011 brought out all types of people - from the eye catching scantily clad babes to the party people with giant furry tails and cats on stilts. Each day of the festival seemed to get more and more intense, and by night fall of the second day I felt as if I had joined a race of beings from a different world. The crowd was packed with people, tied together by the unavoidable smiles on their faces and gripping sound that was tearing through their bodies. Typical music festivals are enjoyable. Electronic music festivals will leave you ecstatic. Global Dance Festival is a mind blowing experience.

It's not just one of the most aesthetically pleasing venues in the world, Red Rocks is also impossibly convenient. Unlike EDC and other bigger festivals, GDF's stages are stacked almost on top of each other. At EDC if you get to the front of a stage for let's say, Deadmau5, and your buddy tells you that at another stage Swedish House Mafia is killing it - it's pretty likely you're not going to make it before the set ends. At GDF, each stage is a stones throw away from the next, and the only thing holding you back from hopping from show to show is a set of stairs. (And since Colorado has the lowest rates of obesity in America, this should be easy for residents).

Below is the Table Of Contents- just click on one of the images and you will be transported to the page you seek. Be sure to check out our photos- especially if you were at the show. Who knows- you might just be in there somewhere...

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