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Wobble Wednesday

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Wobble Wednesday is here to get you through the hardest part of your week. The smooth, sub-bass of the "old school" sounds are still being produced today. This is 70/140BPM bass music designed to calm your soul. It draws heavily from the ragga, jungle, reggae, dub, grime and garage genres. For lack of a better description, the music on Wobble Wednesday is dubstep that embodies the reggae/dub roots from which dubstep arose. Come back every Wednesday for Wobble Wednesday - and stay tuned to Earmilk for the evil side of dubstep on Friday with Filthy Friday.

Today I have for a very diverse list. Some future bass with Minnesota's Sun Burst and then an a grimey old school tune with The Others- Gravity. The Others new EP comes out on Sunday so just wanted to remind you. As always, showing Skream some love with Clamourous. His simple approach is still captivating and then drop, system overload. In all of Skream's sets he plays a lot of Dismantle so I included a few of his favorites. Enjoy.

      Conspiracy - Original Mix
Download: Physical - Conspiracy - Original Mix

      Sun Burst
Download: Minnesota - Sun Burst

Download: Grizzly J - Totoro

      01 Gravity
Download: The Others - Gravity

Download: Pretty Lights - Country Roads

Download: Skream - Clamourous

Download: Dismantle - Computation

      Dismantle - Chained
Download: Dismantle - Chained

      02 Murky
Download: Moving Ninja - Murky

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9 years ago

grizzly J just made my day

9 years ago

where is the Club Root, Cryptic Mindz or Plastician?

9 years ago

haha after listening to more grizzly J i found out hes from my hometown! sickk

9 years ago


9 years ago

oh man this wobble was off the hook. thanks so much! Pretty LIghts and Skream are my top two. many thanks

9 years ago

hahah.. You gotta love Pretty Lights!

9 years ago

Minnesota track is soo powerful, soo inspiring. makes me wanna become a superhero

its the r o c
its the r o c
9 years ago

Hearing Pretty Lights drop that track live at All Good was beyond epic

9 years ago

I prefer Wobble Wednesday simply because the headlining photo brings me joy.