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Double Dip - 43 - World Club

After about a year World Club has finally released their fourth installment entitled "Live-able Via-bility" and over the heavy drones, pleasant rifts and unsettling reverb lies one of the most diverse unsigned experimental rockers of 2011.

Not much is known about these Vancover, Canada noise makers, but I'm hear to listen let's see if this goes as well as Trevor and Ever.

And common if you don't believe me listen to "Weight of a Mountain". Grab the newest completely free below and don't be afraid to tell your friends, this album went up yesterday night:

      World Club - Two Inputs EP - 06 Weight of a Mountain
Download: World Club - Weight of a Mountain

      World Club - Live-able Via-bility - 01 Manmade Lake
Download: World Club - Manmade Lake

      World Club - Live-able Via-bility - 06 Yet to X Her
Download: World Club - Yet to X Her


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