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The Steelwells

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"Oh my God. Wait. You haven't heard about The Steelwells? Have you, like, been living under a rock?"

...is what I will say to you in 2012 when you are still wondering who this band is. If my crystal ball is correct, this group of hard-working fellows are bound to blow the heck up any moment now. I mean, the dudes just finished touring with Foster The People this year and even got some coveted showtime at SXSW in March. (And, I should add, they were featured in the February 2011 issue of Rolling Stones Magazine.)

Genre-wise, their LP, Shallow on the Draft, is probably the most palatable stuff I've been able to get my paws on in a while. Amidst an almost literal sea of L.A.-based, dream pop groups, I think the beauty of what The Steelwells have crafted is a sound that is versatile enough to enjoy in almost any atmosphere, with the high possibility of appealing to a large variety of people. Their vocal harmonies are a precious blend of effort and effortless, easy on the ears and not harmful when stuck in your head. And much like the theme of their album art, their melodies play to the tune of a wild and boisterous sea-oriented adventure, which I like to imagine takes place on a fearless viking ship.

For those of us who try to stay away from faddish bands, these folks don't have to be cliche to be contemporary. I'm personally convinced their LP is an enhancement to any music collection.

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