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Cee Lo Green Distilled

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I truly believe that it's a crime to the canvas to paint the same picture over and over again..
- Cee Lo Green

There is no reason for me not to love Cee Lo Green's music, especially because I am a chubby chaser.

Now I can't say I've been a Cee Lo fan since his Goodie Mob days but I can say that the moment I heard him as half of Gnarls Barkley, I was utterly elated by this new and different sound of music. You don't often hear voices like his on the radio, that's for sure.

I know music lovers in the South are thinking that it's about time the industry pay some real attention to such an iconic performer -- because he is not just a musician but a rapper, vocalist, artist and a performer (rainbow bird costume).

Here, Absolut Vodka and The Fader join forces to bring us an inspiring "distilled" look at Mr. F*ck You, from his early days in Goodie Mob to his overwhelming success as a solo artist. Cee Lo drops a few decent-sized mind grenades as he speaks on his perception of himself, his views on the industry, his success, and his greatest sources of inspiration.

Nevermind the Absolut product placements. This documentary is right on time.

Part I

Part II

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