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Straight From The Teet - We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Vliets, & Arrange

There's no exact way of knowing how many songs are released in a day. Whether it be an eighteen second kazoo ditty on Soundcloud, or a Hypem track with 4 hearts, all music deserves a shot. Even on an independent blog like Earmilk, it's impossible to cover every band/song/remix worth listening too. That's why Straight From the Teet is back, and this time...IT'S DAILY! My name is Logan (aka Running) and I will be curating Earmilk's newest old feature, highlighting three up-and-coming artists from three different genres, so sit back and enjoy some good-old-fashioned, non-pasteurized, Earmilk. Drink it fast though, because I'll be coming back tomorrow with more...


If you enjoy drum-driven indie rock á la The Walkmen's "Rat" then We Were Promised Jetpacks' newest single "Act On Impulse" is right for you. It's the debut track off their upcoming sophomore effort In The Pit Of The Stomach, which is expected to drop October 3 via Fat Cat Records. With a huge build-up, exuberant drumming, and chunky bass riffs, this song has enormous potential. Show it some love.

(P.S. Check WWPJ's hype video, they look absolutely insane live)

      Act On Impulse
Download: We Were Promised Jetpacks - Act On Impulse


I'm super excited about the direction psychedelic music is taking. Tyler Bohrnstedt (aka The Vliets) is a one man project out of Dallas who has been consistently releasing stellar tracks that encompass a wide variety of sub-genres and influences. You hear every great band from the 60's and 70's in the work Tyler does. He just finished recording an eponymous debut EP and is expected to release a full of the album by late-summer/early-fall, so keep checking SFTT.

The Vliets (EP)

Download: The Vliets - Elephant

      A Vessel of Cells Without an Ego Hardly One
Download: The Vliets - A Vessel of Cells Without an Ego, Hardly One

      Women are Cocaine
Download: The Vliets - Women are Cocaine

      Beneath the Paisley Sky
Download: The Vliets- Beneath the Paisley Sky

      Synth Jam
Download: The Vliets - Synth Jam


It's time for some more of that feel good, lo-fi, summer make-out music. Arrange has been releasing Records pretty regularly since last July, and it's been fun watching his music evolve and progress from the ultra washed-out, noise-pop feel of Two (his debut release) to the more contained and accesible ambient vibe that he has going on in Plantation (his latest release). If you put all the ambient bands I've featured so far in a blender, this is probably what would come out. Happy listening.


      01 In Old Theaters
Download: Arrange - In Old Theaters

      02 Tiny Little Boy
Download: Arrange - Tiny Little Boy

      03 Whend You Find Me_
Download: Arrange - When'd You Find Me?

      04 Turnpike
Download: Arrange - Turnpike

      05 Tearing Up Old Asphalt
Download:Arrange - Tearing Up Old Asphalt

      06 Golden Neighborhoods
Download:Arrange - Golden Neighborhoods

      07 Blinds With You
Download: Arrange - Blinds With You

      08 Veins
Download: Arrange - Veins

      09 Medicine Man
Download: Arrange - Medicine Man

      10 Orange Glow (Thank You for the Night)
Download: Arrange - Orange Glow (Thank You for the Night)

      11 Sore Bonus Track
Download: Arrange - Sore [Bonus Track]

      12 I Tried To Wash Your Clothes Bonus Track
Download: Arrange - I Tried To Wash Your Clothes [Bonus Track]

Selections from Quiet State (Jan, 2011)

      01 Nothing Today
Download: Arrange - Nothing Today

      03 Ivory Carpets
Download: Arrange - Ivory Carpets

      05 Marker Smell
Download: Arrange - Marker Smell

Selections from Paper Parts (Nov, 2010)

      03 Worked Hands
Download: Arrange - Worked Hands

      04 Basket Arms
Download: Arrange - Basket Arms

      07 Swim
Download: Arrange - Swim

Selections from Two (Jul, 2010)

      04 Thoughts and Five Colors
Download:Arrange - Thoughts and Five Colors

      06 Weird Callers
Download: Arrange - Weird Callers

      07 Untitled
Download: Arrange - Untitled

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