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Double Dip - 42 - Birkwin Jersey

Today's Double Dip is a treat, Birkwin Jersey a UK based experimental sound fidler has just released his new album "Time Doesn't Exist, Clocks Do" which is the newest release off of digital label "Absent Fever".

What you will find on the album are great vocal samples strung over gentle harmonies creating a very peaceful, but fidgety experience you will also find some tunes that are a bit more on the experimental side and of course the dancier ones for you fiends.

The whole album is 12 tracks of FREE goodness, so grab a copy on soundcloud you can pick it up here and as always a couple gems + a really cool vid for Sixties and Nines track two off the album directed by Nathaniel Whitcomb and featuring clips from Baraka 

      Absent Fever - Time Doesnt Exist Clocks Do - 02 Sixes Nines
Download: Birkwin Jersey - Sixes & Nines

      Absent Fever - Time Doesnt Exist Clocks Do - 06 Lady
Download: Birkwin Jersey - Lady

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