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Max Tannone - Ghostfunk [Album]

The producer who can do no wrong, Max Tannone, is back with a whole new project. Now, this is the producer who brought you the Mos Dub and Jaydiohead projects. And he's here to bring you Ghostfunk which is a mixture of Ghostface Killah and vintage African funk, high-life, and psychedelic rock music. Normally mixing these two genres would seem to be a grandiose task but, from his previous work, you already know Max Tannone can pull it off. This new Ghostfunk album showcases that any type of blend of genres is possible if you have the skill-set to pull it off. This project is almost TOO funky with the addition of the afrobeat. Check out the project below and I've selected a few of the best tracks although the entire album can be played through without skipping.

      Ghostfunk - 02 - Dem Back
Download: Ghostfunk - Dem Back

      Ghostfunk - 04 - The Same Girl
Download: Ghostfunk - The Same Girl

      Ghostfunk - 09 - Breakthrough Kids
Download: Ghostfunk - Breakthrough Kids

      Ghostfunk - 01 - Make It N.Y.
Download: Ghostfunk - Make It N.Y.

Download: Max Tannone - Ghostfunk

Afro Funk · Afrobeat · Experimental · Funk


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