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Nando - Bundle Heem [Video]

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Without further ado I figured it was only right to first post about my own home the DMV. With proven artists like Wale, and a huge influx of up-and-comers particularly Phil Ade and Fat Trel the DMV is definitely giving hip-hop a piece of it's mind for the first time.

Pause and take a look at one of the DMV's most underrated emcee's, Nando Garcia. After the success of his first two mixtapes The Carry Out 1 and The Carry Out 2, Super Nike Nando blesses us with a leak from his upcoming mixtape... you guessed it, The Carry Out 3. Teaming up with artist Mouse; Nando swipes the instrumental from The Cool Kid's "Bundle Up" and makes it a boom-bap classic. Look out for The Carry Out 3 and Nando's Delorean Music Group to keep the DMV on it's toes.

WATCH: Nando Garcia - Bundle Heem

      Bundle Heem
Download: Nando - Bundle Heem

Here's another track if you can't get enough of Nando's flow, probably his most well-known track, the single "Super Nike Nando"

      Super Nike Nando
Download: Nando - Super Nike Nando


Follow Nando and the DMG Movement: @WhyNotNando

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Ronnie Evans
10 years ago

The FB like button on this is broken... again

10 years ago

track's nice, good first post. spellcheck it next time ado "adieu"

10 years ago

My manz I'm from Silver Spring, Wale went to Quince Orchard a school thats right down the road from me. Earmilk should put up some GoGo hahaha