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Danny Daze - Your Everything

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If you haven't heard of Danny Daze, well then you're not that deep into house yet. He's Miami's tech house phenom, with the youth and talent to keep the train heading towards true greatness. Coming at you next week is Danny's new release on Hot Creations, and excuse me for robbing JT on this one; but the only way to describe it is future sex and love sounds. It all gets a little horny with the sax sample pelting in the back of the infatuated A-track Your Everything.

And you thought I'd just hand you this golden jam like some bedroom nonamer giving out his free Skrillex brostep pumping mixtape on a busy street corner. You'll be grabbing this one when it hits the digital shelves July 11th, in the mean time; chew on the B-side.

      02 Fall Away From Love (Original Mix)
Enjoy: Danny Daze - Fall Away From Love (Original Mix)

(HOTC010) Hot Creations - Danny Daze Your Everything EP

That's not the legit cover up there, and as much as it looks like junior high on MS Paint; the real one is a record label billboard and just not as cool. It drops next Monday July 11th, so follow the links below because updating your calender is also just not as cool.

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