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Apollo Brown - "Tao Te Ching" [VIDEO]

Apollo Brown, the ever working Detroit producer, recently released his Clouds instrumental album. Now, even before releasing this album, Apollo has been busy all year doing production for various acts and he's also about to release a new project he is working on with fellow MelloMusicGroup member, Hassaan Mackey. But before doing this new release; he decided to put out a video for the track "Tao Te Ching" off the Clouds instrumental album. The video features very relaxing Tao beliefs and imagery. First, Taoist mountains appear on yellowed parchment before calligraphic I-Ching symbols are drawn, slowly creating the entire Taoist wheel of hexagrams.  Finally, the short animated piece evolves from a spinning I-Ching wheel into a spiral galaxy, rotating amongst the stars. The video is short but is a perfect accompaniment to the chillness of the track. Enjoy and pick up the album.


      Mello Music Group - Heirlooms feat. Has-Lo
Download: Apollo Brown - Heirlooms (Feat. Has-Lo)

Purchase: Apollo Brown - Clouds [Album]

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