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Just Kiddin' - Seriously EP

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Let me introduce you to the UK duo Just Kiddin'. A recent signing on Top Billin, these guys smash soul with clean disco house beats in their debut EP which means, they're just getting started. Right off the bat the Just Kiddin' sound is big. A lot of influences stirring in this pot, from trance arpeggiators to 80s disco funk accents. Part 1 of 2, in what seems like a to be continued Saturday Night Fever love story titled Seriously, has a lot of clout sample wise. But instead of taking your parents record collection, sprinkle a little crack on it.

      All The Way To Love
Download: Just Kiddin - All The Way To Love

(TBMP3047) Top Billin - Just Kiddin' Seriously EP

A definite duo to look out for. Be sure to check out the 3 others because they've got enough juice and glam to make a straight edge nose bleed... seriously.

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