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Givers - Up Up Up

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There is a band out there right now who are making quite the stir in the indie music scene. There hometown has been overrun with vampires, and it seems that they are the only thing that can save us. Well, maybe that's just a fantasy of mine stemming from my love fot True Blood, but either way it's irrelevant. Givers, a band from Lafayette, Louisiana, has a very pop-happy sound- which is not what you'd expect from a Louisianan band. I'm sure they know some great recipes for Gumbo and Jambalaya, but I know for a fact they've gotten the right recipe down when it comes to making good music. They released the video for "Up Up Up" today and it's no less than fun, so Check it. Like it. Share it. It's Givers, giving us some fine entertainment.

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