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Slice & Soda LP

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Paris is full of busy men, but I don't feel the need to paraphrase this one's name. He's a world class producer that's been around long enough to grab titles like 'senior' or 'godfather'. I'm talking about France's electric wizard Para One, and when he's not steering the wheel behind Marble Records or pumping out future house hits under Marble Players he's forging lax disco grooves with American vocalist San Serac. Slice & Soda they like to call it, and the vibes contained in their debut LP released this week sticks true to their name.

      07 Slapped Awake
Download: Slice & Soda - Slapped Awake

Clear blue skies, and a cold pellegrino served on a squeeky clean cafe bar stool. The sound encapsulates that fresh summer dew, and the rooftop patio party afterwards. San Serac's voice bleeds Bowie and Strummer. Think of Slice & Soda as Chromeo but with a forward looking direction. They pay a tribute to their disco and pop influences through the 70s and 80s while cranking the experimental envelope and pushing new sounds. It's long and ridiculous, but I'd call it future disco pop.

      03 Year Of The Dragon
Enjoy: Slice & Soda - Year Of The Dragon

You can listen and pick up the full length below. If you're into new disco dig through San Serac and early Para One crates, you'll be head deep. And of course don't forget to follow, these two are just getting started.

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