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John Roman - Sala EP

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Toronto's head smashing hero John Roman puts his old cape back on to drop his latest 5 track release. Titled Sala, this EP is an extension of the different styles and sounds he's pursuing not just under John Roman but also his classic house counterpart Loopjack.

To sum this whole record up, think tribal, think ghetto, think future. Strings, thick and thin, falling into an abyss of deep house percussion. The chromatic lead in Sala can drive a church boy insane. And the foot stomping B track War Drums drives me insane. An attack of alarming sawtooths with smashing bricks of white noise build tension only to release into nothing but a dark minimal void. A hammering kick reminiscent of a dead beat.

      War Drums
Download: John Roman - War Drums

(SEED060) Plant Music - John Roman Sala EP

You'll definitely want to make some room for tracks A and B in your iTunes, but you'd be a fool to not at least check out the NT89 and Zubi remixes. If you like what you hear don't forget to of course follow below and hit up John Roman's sample heavy moniker Loopjack.

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