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Stephan Bodzin - Daytona Beach/Bedford

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Stephan Bodzin

If you still haven't heard of Stephan Bodzin by now, consider this day one to remember.  To me Bodzin is the undisputed champion of music for the club.  You can't help but listen to any of his tracks and not think "Damn.  That track was so bad-ass it makes Norwegian Black Metal seem about as edgy as the latest from Kenny G."  Bodzin pulls you through his own type of aggressive dance music that is so much more meaningful and moving than simply creating the loudest, most annoying possible sound and having some DJ blast the gain on his mixer thinking the volume increase will make everything sound "more bad-ass."

The release I bring you today to introduce you to Stephan Bodzin (if you haven't already heard of him) is a single from back in 2007 released via Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten out of Germany.  There is no denying the 'German' sound here, as with most of Bodzin's work as he was born, lives and works there.  The Daytona Beach/Bedford single is one of the most aggressively moving releases I have heard to date.  "Daytona Beach" carries the listener through crisp pops and snaps accompanied by a fat synth lead that emphasizes the melodic percussion that Bodzin is so good at.  "Daytona Beach" is definitely a killer track, but I have to say the B-side, "Bedford," is by far a more worthy listen.  "Bedford" begins slowly, but builds into one of the most emotionally aggressive tracks I've ever heard.  The lead synth growl in "Bedford" that opens periodically throughout the track is a sound that will make you want to drive your car as fast as possible; the ensuing police chase would likely be enjoyable if "Bedford" stayed on throughout. Listen on a good set of speakers and enjoy.

Download: Stephan Bodzin - Bedford

      Stephan Bodzin - Daytona Beach
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