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Flying Lotus Remixes

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Flying Lotus has unleashed a full catalog of amazing remixes via his Soundcloud(which he says he doesn't like). The releases include remixes of Bjork, Massive Attack, Stereolab and more. Most of the content is unreleased or just hard-to-find but it is all quality. There's so much content here that its kind of ridiculous but you wouldn't expect anything less from this genius. I'll start the post with one of the better tracks which is the Massive Attach remix. Enjoy.

Flying Lotus // Massive Attack// vibeangel mix1 by Flyinglotus Happening really mdrender1 by Flyinglotus Flying Lotus - Serum Acquired MIx3 by Flyinglotus Flying Lotus - Mr.Oizo - Rubber (unprotected Sex mix )3-1 by Flyinglotus Flying Lotus// BJork//Shiver by Flyinglotus Flying Lotus - Stereolab - GalactagonFINAL2rMX by Flyinglotus Melting3 by Flyinglotus Flying Lotus - psuedo nymph (OG VERSION) by Flyinglotus Flying lotus - caravan of delight by Flyinglotus Flying lotus - tell tales by Flyinglotus Thundercat - For Love I come (Prod. Flying Lotus) by Flyinglotus Bilal "Levels" (flying lotus remix) by Flyinglotus



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