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Jamiroquai - "Smile"

Jamiroquai has mysteriously released a new track called "Smile" that was not featured on their latest Rock Dust Light Star album. The latest album, just like all their previous ones, was an instant classic. The Buffalo Man never fails to bring the funk and it seems like his skills never really go on the decline. It's just been smooth and funky ride since the 90's. Now, I will say that the last album was still a great one but it definitely didn't receive much exposure in the US. So, hopefully this new release is a sign that they expect to really make a comeback of sorts. Enjoy.

      01 Smile
Download: Jamiroquai - Smile



      01 - Rock Dust Light Star
Download: Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star

      10 - Goodbye To My Dancer
Download: Jamiroquai - Goodbye To My Dancer

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