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J.Cole - Lost Ones

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Looks like one of J.Cole's highly anticipated tracks has finally leaked for the masses, "Lost Ones". The track was first spotted during the behind the scenes footage of the "Trilogy" music video, it was worth the wait. Check It Out And Enjoy. Follow me @Ebonicss

Stream Only: J. Cole - Lost Ones

Update (electblake): By general out-rage we've removed this track completely. We did not receive any notice from any official bodies etc - just responding to our viewers. If you got or listened to the track, enjoy - if not talk to your fellow fans and wait for the full release.

Update 2 (montrey): We discussed it further and we find it a bit hypocritical of us to completely remove the track considering we post free music all day. We encourage everyone to purchase this and all music we post but we aren't the "source" of the leak. We just spread good music. It's going to spread regardless but we just filter through the BS. Enjoy.

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