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RESET! - Love and Revolution EP

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RESET! is based out of Milan and they're not just another random house duo. They're a collective of five slaving it behind the DJ decks and mixing desks, you can hear it. Every track in their catalog is rammed with energy. RESET! belongs no where but the peak. Where the booze is flowing and the crowds are surfing. Their tunes echo early fidget house with added bits of funk and acid here and there. So who knows, maybe these guys can dig fidget out of it's grave.

      Calypsoul (Vocal Bootleg Version)
Download: RESET! - Calypsoul (Vocal Bootleg Version)

Cheap Thrills - RESET! Love and Revolution / Calypsoul EP

Take a look at the other energy packed releases by RESET! and check out Herve's label Cheap Thrills below. If you're a fan of fidget or even just discovering it for the first time, there's a lot of gems to collect if you just dig in.

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