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Bache-Gabrielsen x Teki Latex

I've always felt there was a connection between connoisseurs of house, wine, and spirits. The egotistical undertones and mild existential insecurities. We share the same thirst to search for difference, and the same thrill in finding it. So when I woke up this morning to find that Sound Pellegrino's Teki Latex is coming out with his own limited edition cognac by the distillors of Bache-Gabrielsen I thought finally we shake hands with some of our forefathers.

And the track playing in the background? Fresh off the press from the free EP the Pellegrino boys have put together to promote this rare crossing of swords. It's called Zodiac and the seven words that compose the single hook in this song is infectious. Not to mention the fine synth work by producer Bambounou, plucking his polyphonic harp immersed in a soothing sea of aqueous pads. Let's call it, wine house.

Download: Teki Latex (Prod. Bambounou) - Zodiac

You can pick up the whole EP for FREE with the Das Glow and Panteros666 remixes so hit up that Bache website down below. Grab a glass and some cognac while you're at it.

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10 years ago

Shite, that's catchy.

10 years ago

movin up in the world eh luke? ;) your getting quite the skills as a blogger, keep it up, also, dirty track xD