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Poupon - Into You (Original Mix)

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Riding off the hype of his EP debute Full Time Lovin, Poupon has set out to cream the crowds again with his latest giveaway Into You. A suggestive house tune sprinkled with a little sexual tension and a steady drum rack to keep you bopping with your emotions in line. You can never go wrong with a classy low pass breakdown, and the blending of choked hats with sliced vocal samples turns this one into a jam for you to just chill out and kick it.

      Into You (Original Mix)
Download: Poupon - Into You (Original Mix)

Poupon - Cooked Up Vol. 3

You can hear future Poupon releases as well as a savory selection of deep house tunes in his third installment Cooked Up Vol. 3. An 80 minute mix packed with shuffled Roland rhythms, sugary R&B vocals, and filtered polyphony. Peep the soundcloud and check out his new remix for Meati & Meech, you'll be seeing more of these boys chillin around here in the future.

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