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#MashupMonday - Week 27

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Mashup MondayMashup Monday - We're going to melt you faces off with enough mashed up music to make you wanna slap yo' mama. itstk will be bringing you the dopest dope in the mashup world. We've been scouring the music lands, and filing through tracks that you enthusiastic readers and musicians have sent us. We've found mashups from DJ's far and wide. We've found down-tempo ones. We've found super fast and beaty ones. Short ones and long ones. Ones that you wanna sit back and enjoy, and ones that will make you want to rage all over a dance floor. We think we've done our part. Let's get s-mashed.

Now if your mashup is lucky enough to be featured on Earmilk, and we don't list your name (sometimes we can't find it!) then shoot us an email or comment below and we can add it. Also, keep in mind we want all of you to send us everything you got. We're gonna be doing this here thang weekly, so send em' on. Just make sure to give us your info so you get your well deserved credit.

Too many blunts to burn on this beautiful Monday evening, soo.. enjoy.

Drop me your mashes soundcloud or hit me up @itsteekay.

      Swedish House Mafia vs. Daft Punk vs. Coldplay - One More Clocks (Romain G Its True Edit)
Download: Romain G - One More Clocks (Swedish House Mafia vs. Daft Punk vs. Coldplay)

      xaphoon jones
Download: Xaphoon Jones - The Jackson Pit (Michael Jackson vs Passion Pit)

      touchface - kick push n stuff
Download: Touch Face - Kick, Push N' Stuff (Lupe Fiasco vs Deadmau5)

      Bynar - Wings of Riot
Download: Bynar - Wings Of Riot (The Smashing Pumpkins vs. Designer Drugs)

Download: Derek Sabiston - Drakenectar (Drake vs Bassnectar)

      Guinness Flow N Stuff (Chiddy Bang x Deadmau5)
Download: Dizzee Punch - Guinness Flow N Stuff (Chiddy Bang x Deadmau5)

      norwegian recycling
Download: Norwegian Recycling - Miracles (Bruno Mars vs. Michael Jackson vs. Gnarls Barkley vs. B.O.B. etc)

Download: Fissunix & Colatron - Moonlight Sonata Mashed (Moonlight Sonata vs Phoenix vs Mickey Rourke)

      Steve Angello vs Kelis - Knas acapella (DJ Magicut mash-up)
Download: DJ Magicut - Knas (Steve Angello vs Kelis)

      Dimitri Vegas Like Mike vs. Afrojack - Work This Pussy On Acid (Romain G edit)
Download: Romain G - Work This Pussy On Acid (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Afrojack)

      Katy Perry vs Uppermost - Last System 32 (Ft. Laidback Luke) (Fran Mondey Mashup)
Download: Fran Mondey - Last System 32 (Katy Perry vs Uppermost vs Laidback Luke)

Download: ElectroSound - Hummer 1901 (Phoenix vs Foals)

Download: 6Gun - Hold The Look (Major Lazer vs. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne)

Download: Derek Sabiston - Stunt Me Junk Me Down (wolfgang gartner vs. lil wayne vs. cage the elephant)

      Ugly Lovely - John Digweed x Crime Mob - Heaven Knuck
Download: Ugly Lovely - Heaven Knuck (John Digweed vs Crime Mob)

Download: ElectroSound - Get Related in the Hotel California (Eagles vs Wild at Heart)

      John Marr - Chasing Kylie (Snow Patrol vs Kylie Minogue) VIDEO VERSION
Download: John Marr - Chasing Kylie (Snow Patrol vs Kylie Minogue)

Download: D.veloped - Brassified Information (Mighty Mighty Bosstones vs Nicki Minaj vs Missy)

Download: J Hirsch - Like a Tipsy Prayer (Madonna vs Jkwon)

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Chef Ian
Chef Ian
10 years ago

Bro, that drake and bassnectar mashup was the best song I've heard this year! Idk where you get all these mashups I"ve never seen before but they make my week!

10 years ago

This is definetly one of my favourite mashup monday's ever, soo many great tracks. the fran mondey one is awesome and the ElectroSound one is just chill as fuck. <3 thank you for this poster :)

Yumi Kay
10 years ago

MashupMonday's my absolute favourite, it keeps me coming back to earmilk ~most the mashups you post are incredible! thankyou :)