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Double Dip - 35 - Yuck

Today's rush hour Double Dip is brought to you by Yuck, Yuck is the bastard child of Max Bloom and Daniel Blumbergs earlier seemingly successful joint venture Cajun Dance Party. The two remaining members of the new band are Mariko Doi and Jonny Rogoff and this four piece hailing from London, England holds remnants of 80's UK lo-fi/post-rockers The Cure in beauty fashion with their high energy and fuzzed out sound.

The bands newly released self titled "Yuck" has received rave reviews from big media outlets such as the BBC, Pitchfork and AOL which I feel is well deserved for this seemingly young band and stumbling upon this video shot by yourstru.ly featuring a Bob Dylan-esque frontman really just made me want to throw this up, so here's a couple tracks from the debut as well as a short set from yourstru.ly with accompanying track:

      01 Get Away
Download: Yuck - Get Away

      05 Suicide Policeman
Download: Yuck - Suicide Policeman

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