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Double Dip - 34 - The Neighborhood

Double DipLA's been doing big things lately and that is nothing but good things for all you milk fans. Today I'd like to proudly present the newest member to the Dip: Ryan Dollivers, The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood's unique form of Synthy infused R&B is the breath of fresh air in an otherwise darker synth R&B market and if you check my earlier post you would know what I mean with acts like oOoOO and How to Dress Well you can really fall in love with the lighter/brighter stuff that Ryan's putting out.

The self titled album "The Neighborhood" was released in late March and includes 6 tracks of utter beefy soul, you can really feel every nuance in this one, so without any further ado here's two tasty tracks and a brilliant vid from director Jeremy Rhodes. Have fun:

      the neighborhood - the neighborhood - 02 a2 drive
Download: The Neighborhood - Drive

      the neighborhood - the neighborhood - 06 b3 i wont get you down
Download: The Neighborhood - I Won't Get You Down

And if you guys are digging the tracks, be sure to pick up his album at a super cheap $5 from his bandcamp here.

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10 years ago

cool shit Mike. I gotta pick this up