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Style of Eye - Wet/Dry EP

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Style of Eye is no stranger around here, we've featured him many times before. He's one of the hottest rising producers in the dance music scene with a lot of flare to his name. You may have heard his Swedish House Mafia remix that dropped this week, or his store of remixes for big names like Steve Angello, The Subs, and Harvard Bass.

But what sets Linus apart from these top contenders is that he's a steady hitter on every release. You could say this guy is a platypus, his tracks are weird, unexplainable, a deviation from the norm. And that is what makes him a first pick for French label Sound Pellegrino. They bring you the avante garde, the au courant, and Style of Eye is their future.

      01 Wet (Original)
Download: Style Of Eye - Wet (Original)

"WET" is a symphony of exotic percussions and digital bird noises not so far away from STYLE OF EYE's early productions. The track starts with a bouncy baltimore-ish marching rhythm then some sort of synthetic sax comes in and turns it into a California Raisins party in your fridge with dancing ice cream toucans and pineapple congo players. Heart-melting melodies is STYLE OF EYE's "chamber" (in the Wu-Tang sense of the term) and when executed in his trademark cold pop synths over a thomping beat, there's really nothing else to do but dance with tears in your eyes, hence the title of the track.

I'll always love how the boys at Sound Pellegrino describe their tracks.

(SNP020) Sound Pellegrino - Style of Eye Wet/Dry EP
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You can grab the full EP May 30th on Beatport and June 13th from the other guys. Make sure to check out Linus's other works as well as the slew of recent releases from Sound Pellegrino. Like I said, these people are fronting the future of electronic dance music.

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