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Justice - Civilization [Official Video] (+Remix)

For a long time, I sort of cursed Justice. They were at the pinacle of this (at the time) huge movement which set into motion a wave of dirty walking bass lines that gave everyone a thirst for more distortion, more heat, more angst. We saw it peak a some time ago and now most electro has moved into the (sometimes banal) noise trash or into dubstep - but well, we don't need to discuss *step here - this is about Electro.

Shed a tear for the boom & bust of electro, but as so many of us will always people hold the past in highest regard - the return of Justice just might mark the end of that wave they helped set into motion. And hopefully the reboot of an otherwise creatively dwindling sub-genre.

No Fake? (below) has done up one of the most "real" remixes of Civilization that I've heard. That isn't a simple edit or a muddled dubstep remix

      Civilization (No Fake Remix)
Download: Justice - Civilization (No Fake Remix)

Justice - Civilization (Official Video)



Waters Of Nazareth (Release Party)



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