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John Roberts - Glass Eighths

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American producer John Roberts made his full-length debut back in October 2010 with Glass Eighths on Dial RecordsGlass Eighths is a true album; 10-tracks that coherently flow into one another for the real album experience.  Influenced by the Chicago house sound, John Roberts finds himself dabbling with the more organic side of techno and deep house.  The album itself is laden with lush piano cuts and tight grooves- perfect for an after-hours sunrise walk through the park.  While still groovy enough for the dance floor, Glass Eighths definitely appeals largely to the more intellectual side of the electronic world; it is indeed euphoric thinking music.

While "August" and "Went" are great tracks, the whole album warrants a full listen through. Definitely worth it- check it all out!


You can buy Glass Eighths here.

Relax and Enjoy!

Download: John Roberts - August

Download: John Roberts - Went

Chillout · Classical · Dance · Electro · Experimental


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Lukas Switlicki
10 years ago

good shit. a bit of it reminds me of ratatat