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Willy Whompa

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If you like dubstep, Willy Whompa's your guy. Sounds almost like Willy Wonka some might say, well if Willy Wonka makes unreal chocolate, Willy Whompa makes unreal dubstep. His music does not hold back on the bass and will practically shake you tell your ears bleed. Very catchy tunes mixed with the dubstep.

The two tracks i bring you today are both real bangers. It's surprising some music you'll find on Soundcloud that is just so good but has hardly any views. I'll never understand it.

The first of the two is a remix of Memoirs by Protohype. Very, very catchy. Enjoy.

The second is also very heavy on the dubstep. A good remix of Ludacris's How Low. Enjoy.

Dubstep · Electronic · Electronica · Garage · Grunge · U.K.


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