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Filthy Habits - Mr. Skeleton, Rob De Large, Stereoliez

Electro Trash, Drum and Bass, and Dubstep! What could be better? It's going down in Hollywood on the 22nd of May. This nastiness will be brought to you by the one and only Mr. Skeleton who just got done playing a show in Portugal with Proxy and Mustard Pimp, Sweden's Rob De Large, Italy's Stereoliez as well as Liberty. Together they bring you Filthy Habits. Filthy Habits is being relaunched at one of the most prestigious venues in California, The Avalon. Filthy Habits was created about 2 years ago in L.A by Mr. Skeleton, but now this crew has bigger and better plans for Filthy Habits, the inner circle of Filthy Habits will be Mr. Skeleton, Rob De Large (Sweden), Stereoliez (Italy), Liberty (U.S.A) and Bianca Dayrit (Canada), "We will expand with more artists who are willing to dedicate and work as hard as we do, and plan on taking this global step by step." Can't wait to see how big this crew will get.


      Stereoliez - Black Kamino Pt2 (Mr. Skeleton Remix)
Download: Stereoliez - Black Kamino Pt2 (Mr. Skeleton Remix)

      The Loudest Bang - Original Mix
Download: Mr. Skeleton - The Loudest Bang - Original Mix

      Ghetto Fighters
Download: Stereoliez - Ghetto Fighters

      Fucker Punch Mash (Mastered 1.0)
Download: Rob De Large - Fucker Punch Mash (Mastered 1.0)

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10 years ago

Mr Skeleton for the win...damn sonnnn

im heski
im heski
10 years ago

simply brilliant

10 years ago

BHAHAH!! OMG I havent laughed that hard at a track in awhile!! lol Black Kamino is awesome!