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Emalkay-Eclipse Album Review

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Yet again another Dubstep album release from English Dubstep god Emalkay. In his debut album Eclipse displays nasty distorted wobbles but as well as some Drum and Bass sounds. Emalkay has been around for along time you maybe remember hearing the popular tune back in '09 When I look at You that UKF released. He was quiet for a bit, but released gems like Powertool and Fabrication which I posted last week. This guy is much more chill but when it counts to the nasty drop he throws down, always at the best time. Did I mention sexy vocals too?

      04 Space Hopper
Download: Emalkay - Space Hopper

      05 Transpose
Download: Emalkay - Transpose

      06 Flesh Bone (ft. Rod Azlan)
Download: Emalkay - Flesh & Bone (ft. Rod Azlan)

      11 True Romance
Download: Emalkay - True Romance


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10 years ago

Incredible as expected

10 years ago

this goes back to the roots of dubstep and dnb. I like the last two songs but idk about the first two. I feel like space hopper never really broke down (he was probably going for this, just not my cup of tea) and I felt like transpose wasn't dirty enough (he needs to open his highs more, i feel like there is a slight reverb on the main bassline which is holding it back).

10 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Lourenço

yeah haha both those songs are gems. when I look at you is classic, its one of the songs that got me into dubstep in the first place.